Creating and Conserving Wealth

Will Rogers once said, “I am not as concerned about the return ON my money as I am the return OF my money.”


At Safe Money Strategies, Inc. we understand that to create wealth you must first conserve principal. Our safe money strategy allows our client’s to participate in market gains without principal risk.

Every American desires to have a secure and certain retirement. In order to achieve such a goal it is necessary for one’s assets to grow at a rate that:


[1] Out performs the rate of inflation over time,

[2] Provides gains over the inflation rate in order to grow the asset base.


There are several strategies available to help our clients achieve their goals. One of the most innovative is “Required Business Performance Methodology.”

This unique process was developed to address some fundamental questions associated with selecting stocks. Typically, stock selecting is a process to make educated guesses about a company’s future success. Even for the most experienced professionals, however, forecasting the unknown future can make predictions very unreliable at best. The RBP Methodology uses known facts to determine the mathematical probability that management will be able to achieve results that support the current stock price – the Required Business Performance (RBP).


The Required Business Performance Methodology seeks to address two questions:


[1] What is the Required Business Performance (RBP) needed to support a company’s current stock price?

[2] What is the probability that management can deliver the RBP to support the stock price?


The basis for the Required Business Performance Methodology is to avoid stocks that have a lower probability of meeting their RBP. In short, the methodology does not try to select winning stocks through traditional approaches, but rather avoid those that have a low probability of meeting its Required Business Performance. The heart of the methodology is a repeatable, disciplined process that seeks to establish a clear link between a company’s current stock price and what its management must do on a day-to-day basis and its ability to deliver in the future.

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